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A Savings A/c can be opened by any individual with proper KYC details. This facility is available for customers to deposit and withdraw money as per their convenience. The facility is extended with or without cheque book as per the needs of the customer. Attractive interest at 4% p.a. on daily balance is extended on this deposit.

Savings Farmer Accounts:

Savings Account especially for farmers which is easy to operate and allows deposit and withdraw money as per their convenience. This facility is extended to avail agricultural crop loans for agriculture expenditure. RuPay Kisan Cards are provided to farmers allowing them to transact at all ATMs, Micro ATMs and PoS terminals.

Savings Young Champions (Minor) Accounts:

Savings Account specifically designed for children of below the Age of 18 years. Accounts can be opened by a minor above the age of 10 years through his/her natural or legally appointed guardian. RuPay Debit Cards facility is also available but not allowed to be overdrawn.


Current Account with cheque book facility is offered by the Bank to its Corporate and Business clients. Clean and secured overdraft facility is also provided on the Current Account.